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Until you learn what others do not know, and what you now know makes you do what no one has never done, pace setting and trailblazing is not achievable!

How to Have Good Success

Written by Babafemi Arogundade


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Many a great man has been brought down the ladder of success for lack of the attitude to sustain the altitude they have reached. That should not happen to you.

Babafemi Arogundade


As believers, we must understand that we are kings and priests under the great KING in heaven. There are attitudes and the lifestyle that befit us and are non-negotiable. We must live strictly in the acceptable way and manner to retain the kingdom allocated to us.

Babafemi Arogundade


A successful life leaves a security for the children of the one who lives it.

Babafemi Arogundade


To become a pacesetter, you need to stretch yourself.

Babafemi Arogundade


Expose yourself to occurrences or circumstances that make you learn; lavishly use your imagination; experiment to prove your ideas and let past experiences work for your good!

Babafemi Arogundade


How could you possibly finish university without learning how to read and write? Similarly, you need the lessons of the past for the successes of the future.

Babafemi Arogundade


Have you failed before? Don’t worry. It is not a crime. It happened because of what you did not know. Rename that failure as an experience and move on. Only try not to make the same mistake again.

Babafemi Arogundade


The series of past events in your life whether good or bad all form your experiences. These should be for your good.

Babafemi Arogundade


The rule has always been the same! Just labor more. Do more to achieve more. Use better and smarter ways. If no better ways exists in your field then you go ahead to invent one; that is creativity and innovation!

Babafemi Arogundade

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