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Recent Reflections

Are you really serving God?

How? Where? And when? Many people claim to be serving God when in truth God is the one serving them. They go to church…to

You are What you Read

Just like the content of each bottle is seen in the behaviour of those who drink it, the content of every book is seen

Confidence Is A Talent!

Confidence is a talent! You’ve got talent…that’s great…but with all thy getting…get confidence. Not all who make great strides in this world have great

Life is a game of chances

In the game of chance, you may not be able to predict what options you are dealt with, but you can determine what to

Giving Needs Receiving

How can I give if you CANNOT receive? How will I give if you WILL NOT receive? My giving needs your receiving. How can

How to avoid Emergency

Emergency is no longer emergency if it has been adequately prepared for! Wisdom sees ahead; That’s foresight. It’s cautious about its actions at the

Love is Enough

Love is self-sufficient to make marriages successful…if it’s given enough . Love never fails! If your love failed or is currently failing, then it’s

I Can Do All Things

I can do all things I can do all things through Christ who GIVES ME POWER.I received power when the Holy Ghost came upon

Great Men Don’t Talk Carelessly

Great Men don’t Talk Anyhow Great men don’t talk anyhow or carelessly. They hear more and talk less. The Bible says that a fool
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