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How to Have Good Success

Written by Babafemi Arogundade


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Recent Poems

5 Minutes

5 minutes of concentrated attention to your spouse Can save your marriage from tension. 5 minutes of prayer Can raise the dead! 5 minutes


There is a longing on the inside A cry in the heart of man It’s a yearn for a companion Though one is wonderful

Happy Married Life

I send you good wishes May such come with God’s riches Let peace fill you roundabout in all inches May you stand out like

Plan Your Life!

Plan life Don’t just plan to live Plan your living Life has many plans for us If we refuse to plan it Life is

How to unleash Your Destiny Today

Unseal Your Lips… Unleash Your Destiny Let your lips be unsealed Get your destiny released! Beware that you speak… Beware what you speak Speak

It’s My Birthday!

I say it is well! May God’s glory and favor surround me like a bell So I’ll wade in blessing’s well Till I have

The Beginning of an End!

We have seen the end of a beginning And the beginning of an end has just begun! Thank God the old has expired And

Good Desire

Good desire is a sign of good health. If you’re in doubt…ask those who are sick. They even lose the desire for the most

Men Versus Women

Men love adventure Women love to talk Men love challenges Women compete with themselves Men hide their feelings Women have too much feelings Men

Comfort for the Bereaved

Those who know God are never lost but gained on the other side They are never gone but joined with saints made perfect We
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