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What is Love?


What is Love?

What is Love?
Love is not a foolish feeling
Love is a decision after a conclusion
It comes from careful consideration

Love is a support
It’s the strength of a nation
For every building
Love is the foundation

Love is medicine
It’s the herb that brings quick healing
Love is health
It’s the panacea for healthy living

Love is peace
It’s the truce to end all crises
Love is humble
It’s the cure for earthly pride

Love is patient
It’s the end of foolish strife
Love is kind
It’s never selfish but always good

Love thinks no evil
It’s cool, calm, and mild
Love is a friend
It sticks closer than a brother
In adversary, it’s more faithful than a mother

Love is a gem
It’s much sought than diamond
Though sometimes covered with silt
Exploration brings its value out

Love is a pointer and meter
It’s the measure of our earthly wealth
Love is the virtue that makes us God-like
It’s the map that points to heavenly life

Yea! Love isn’t bitter
Rather it makes us better
Love is a bond
It enforces unity

Love is from above
It’s always in motion
Love is alive
And always in action

Love is a Person
It has a hand to give
Love is like a land that thrives
For out of it grows all the good virtues of life

Sometimes, it looks vague like a feeling
Yet it’s real and never without a reason
It’s always in season
And flavors like seasoning

So, love is not a foolish feeling
It is the result of careful consideration
Love is not stupid
But a decision that comes after a conclusion

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Written by Babafemi Arogundade

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He will make a way where there seems to be no way. He will also turn your situation around for your good and His glory.

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Remember, you are not alone, forgotten, or defeated. You are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you. Don’t give up!

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You can overcome life’s challenges with the power of God on your life

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Just a little more hope. Just a little more faith. Just a little more perseverance gets the job done!

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